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Sequel: Baby's Here! (AoixUruha ) (Reitaxruki ) (kaixshou ) 
2nd-Sep-2013 08:54 pm
Title: Baby's Here!
Author: jrock_truelove
Beta: Uhm.. I didn't give it to her.. Forgive me! I have to update it now before I run out of time. ~Bows~ Please edit it if you read this. inspiring_light
Disclaim: Seriously, don't hate. I can't own them. T^T
Summary: Uh.. Sequel to "That One E Word".
Genre: Mpreg, Fluff, Romance, Yaoi that's all I can think of right now
Warning: Giving birth(Brief)Language
Pairings: AoixUruha, ReitaxRuki, KaoxShou
Note: Uh.. Yeah.. please enjoy. I think I killed it with this sequal.... I'm so sorry.. But please give me feed back. If you guys like, I'll do more sequels and with others. Thank you

In the early morning, two bodies laid entangled in each others warmth. The brunette cracked his eyes open and moaned silently, sitting up. Gazing at his beautiful lover and chuckling at how cute he was. Laying down, hair all sprawled everywhere, mouth slightly opened, and hand clutching onto his torso.

He leaned down and whispered into those sacred ears, "Uruha... Kou, baby, wake up." The blond snuggled closer to his body and and shook his head. "Hey, Kou, come on. Wake up Please?" He groaned, "Yuu.... No... Don't use that name with me!" He whined. "Well if you woke up nicely, then I wouldn't have used your real name ." He laughed. The blond finally opened his eyes, "I'm up..."

"You're still laying down." The blond groaned, "Really?" The raven arched his brow, the blond pouted rubbing his eyes. "Okay, okay... I'm going..." He got up and walked out of bed and into the bathroom. The raven haired man smiled and stared out the window. Smiling to himself, recalling those memories.

Uruha fussing about the party, then him proposing and especially Uruha's lovely surprise. He felt his smile grow rapidly, that was the best surprise and gift and present, whatever you call it. He stood up as the door opened and hugged his lover.

"Uru?" The blond looked up, "Yeah Aoi?" He smiled, "Do you know how much I love you?" Uruha arched a brow. "Uh... Well... Do you?... Is it because I'm pregnant?! Aoi-" he was silenced with a kiss. Aoi broke away laughing an hugged the blond.

"Yes and no. I just want to tell you how much I really love you. And if anyone asks, you HAVE to say I love you and you love me." Uruha laughed a bit and hugged the raven. "Hmm, so then tell me how much you love me~" he grinned and tucked the blond hair behind the other's ear.

"I love you, an I will forever love you till the sun burns down. Until our hearts can't beat anymore, until I can not hold you like this anymore, and until we do not exist anymore. But even so, my soul an yours is intertwined." Uruha smiled and looked down. "Aoi?... But... What if after our baby.. I become ugly? What if something goes wrong because I'm a guy.. The doctor said its going to be different from women labor... What if I-"

Aoi silenced him once more. He slipped his tongue in the blond's mouth and he knew that the raven was trying to convene something. "Will you still love me too then? When we get old, all wrinkly and stuff?" Uruha nodded without hesitation.

Aoi beamed and kissed his cheek, "Then we have nothing to worry about. Okay? Just believe in me and my love." Uruha smiled and nodded.

They took a shower and got out to get ready. Uruha dressed in a simple BlackMoral t-shirt and smiled rubbing his tummy. One more week then he should be due. Today was another appointment and check up. Aoi came and hugged him from behind as he was in his thoughts and he smiled as Aoi rubbed his belly.

Aoi turned am him around and bent to kiss the baby bump. "Baby, you know, daddy and mommy really wants to see you. You will be such a cute little thing! Daddy's so excited to see you!" Then a sudden kick to his cheek and Uruha giggled as Aoi was taken aback.

"DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!!" Uruha nodded, "MY BABY RESPONDED!!!" Uruha laughed harder. "Our baby was telling you to wait one more week and-....." Aoi frowned as Uruha's smile dropped. He put his hand on his tummy and started groaning.

"Aoi!" Shocked, he grabbed Uruha and tried to steady him. Uruha groaned ad clenched his jaw. Aoi carried Uruha and ran out with his keys. He seated Uruha and got to the drivers seat and rushed to the hospital.

He got out and carried Uruha inside screaming, "Excuse me miss! My lover is pregnant and it seems like he's in pain-" before he knew it, Uruha was on the bed and they were rolling him to the room. "Sir, you have to step aside unless you're fam-"

"IM HIS FREAKIN HUSBAND!" The nurse stared wide eyed and finally let Aoi in the room. Aoi grabbed the gloves and gown, running to Uruha's side. The blonde's hair stuck to his sides and neck as he sweated.

Grunting and groaning from the pain, Uruha clenched onto Aoi's hand.

After two hours in labor, a scream is heard as a cry is welcomed into this world. Aoi felt tears in his eyes, his baby is here. I kissed Uruha's hand and smiled, looking back at him. He kissed his forehead and whispered, "I love you"s and "I'm so proud". Uruha nodded and asked for his baby.

"You're lucky, it's a girl." Uruha burst into tears, hugging Aoi right before he got to hold his baby. She stopped crying and they smiled. Tears that streamed down their faces as they observe the innocence of life became forgotten. Aoi held Uruha and his child.

"What do you want to call her?" Uruha smiled, touching her nose, "She has your nose. Haha... My baby...." He looked up and cried. "I don't know.. What do you want to call her? I'm just... So happy.. She's finally here... My baby... Is here.." Aoi cried as he watched Uruha.

Uruha cuddled his baby and whispered, "Mommy loves you so much. Thank you, I love you." Aoi smiled, "Uru? Lets call her Angel... She's going to be our Angel." Uruha looked at Aoi and kissed his lips. He pulled back with a smile and nodded. Then he looked down and smiled, rubbing her little nose, "Angel... You like your name? You'll be our Angel from now on."

Aoi smiled and hugged them closer. Then loud footsteps echoed and the couple smiled widely. The footsteps got closer and faster. Then the door burst open, exposing four people. A huge grin on each face, Ruki running up to them. "I WANNA SEE HER!!!" Uruha laughed and Aoi protectively hugged the two.

"First, calm down. You'll wake her up." Ruki nodded excitedly as Kai did. Shou and Reita walked forward and shook Aoi's hand, saying "Congratulations." He smiled and thanked them for coming and so forth. He looked back at Kai and Ruki oogling over his baby. He walke bac to Uruha's side and held his baby.

"What's we name?" Kai asked, he smiled and looked at Uruha. "She is Angel, Angel Shiroyama." Kai and Ruki awed. "That's so cute, she's so beautiful! I'm jealous now! " Ruki pouted. Everyone laughed, "Oh! Look!" Aoi bent down and showed Uruha. "Our baby's smiling! Angel's smiling!!" Uruha laughed and kissed them both.

After two days, they finally got to come out of the hospital. Uruha sighed ad he buckled himself. Aoi put Angel in the back and got to the drivers side. Then headed home and decided to call and tell everyone. They called an were happy that they got blessings.

That night, Uruha and Aoi held their baby in bed. "Baby?" Uruha asked, Aoi looked up from beside little Angel. "Yes dear?" Uruha smiled and laid down next to Angel. "I feel so happy... I don't know what to do.." Uruha said with a smiled and Aoi grinned. He leaned in to kiss Uruha's head, "Now, we start loving her. She's our world, we have to create a place of love for her, if not already so."

Uruha nodded and that night, smiled we're spreaded throughout the world. Happiness given to those who have love, faith, family, and friends.

~Ruki Pov~
We got a call in the middle of the night.

-ring ring-
*Moshi Moshi? Reita desu....*

"Ano.. Suzuki-San?"


"This is the hospital calling, about your friends: Aoi and Uru-"


^Nnn... Rei, leave me alone..^

*Ru, Uruha and Aoi are in the hospital...*



"... Uh?"

*We'll be right there!*

I ran out of bed and grabbed my jeans and Reita's t-shirt. I washed my face and ran for the door just when Reita called me. "Ru! Key, wallet, phone!" I ran back and got them, meeting Reita in the car. "Lets call Kai." He nodded.

-ring ring-




"They called and said that they were in the hospital-"


"...... HOLY SHIT!!!"


"Meet you there, bye! SHOU! They're alive but we have to fly!"

_beep beep_

I looked back at Reita and ran my hand through my hair as he drove. We parked and ran in. "Excuse me, I'm here for Uruha and-" she nodded and cut me. "Room 136" we thanked her and ran that way. We got there and two nurses came out. One paled, "You're not his husbands too right?"

We looked at her and the other nurse dragged her away. "Sorry, she was a bit traumatized by the husband. Hahah..." We nodded and slid through the door. I opened the door and saw Aoi coming out of the bathroom. "AOI!" His eyes went wide and clamped my mouth.

"Shut up! My baby's here." My eyes grew wide and I felt Reita hold me. We creeped to the bed where Uruha was holding a baby. He smiled up at us. "Thank you for coming... Ruki... Rei... I'm so happy..." I nodded and Reita let go of me. I stepped closer and have Uruha a hug. "Congratulations. You're baby girl is so beautiful... What's her name?"

Aoi stepped closer as Reita hugged him. "She is beautiful huh? Her names Angel." I smiled and now I notice the tears traces on both faces. Smiling I nodded as I felt Reita's hand around my torso. Aoi picked her up and soon footsteps ran towards us. Aoi seemed alarmed and I ran to the door before it was slammed open with Reita.

I opened it and Kai stood right there. Reita clamped his mouth as Shou stood behind him and I whispered. "Baby's here. Silence or daddy will have your balls for breakfast." Kai nodded. We walked in and Kai smiled widely. Hugging Aoi and adoring the baby before greeting Uruha.

"You feeling okay?" Uruha nodded a bit, "Well, I have just given birth a bit tired. But I'm fine." Kai smiled and Shou gave Uruha a hug after greeting Aoi and the baby. "What's her name?" Uruha smiled, "Her name's Angel." Shou smiled, "I'm sure she'll be one too. As beautiful as she is, I'm positive." I snickered, "Unless she has Aoi's hyperactive gene and Uruha's alcoholic ones." Everyone laughed except the couple. Aoi retreated to Uruha's side with baby Angel. "I will Never let her drink!"

Uruha snickered at that, "Aoi, don't go there please. Anyways, I'm sure she'll be fine with us." He took his baby and smiled. The room went to silence and we just admired Angel's beauty. A life that will be apart of Uruha and Aoi's; a life that will grow around me. I looked at Reita. "I want a baby now." Reita's eyes grew big and everyone stared at me. "What?" Uruha smiled with Kai, while Aoi and Shou were busy laughing. "What?!"

"Rei...Hahahahahahha! Rei! Hahahahhah! Rei-ta!!!!!!! His face!!!!!! Ahahahahahahh!" I pouted and looked at him. "You don't want one?" I asked him and he looked at me. "You know we're gonna have a lot of things to do to get one right?" He wriggled his brows and I flushed. I smicked his chest as everyone laughed. "Oi! Look! Guys!" We all crowded around him as he held Angel out.

"She's smiling!" We all smiled and Kai and Uruha chuckled. "Aww...." Reita held me from behind again. "We'll see... Soon, but not long." He whispered to my ear. I smiled and turned to kiss his cheek. "Wo!Wo! Oi! Don't do PDA infornt of my baby!" Uruha laughed and smacked Aoi's arm. "Shh! She won't know what that is unless you teach her!" His face dropped and we all laughed. That night, we hid in the bathroom when the nurses said that visiting hours were over.

We stayed the whole night and talked about future plans. I liked it. I smiled as Reita held me tighter in his sleep. I leaned on him and closed my eyes. Maybe soon, I'll have a life that I and Reita created like Aoi and Uruha. Maybe soon, just not yet... But not long...

A/N: Yup, so Thank you for reading please tell me how you feel in the comments.*\O.O/*
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