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Fanfic (TE GAZETTE) Drabble  
2nd-Nov-2013 10:32 am
Authors note: Hi! :D I have been unactive~ so yeah~ I'm back!!! :D this is a new thin for me so yeah~ xD

Title: I Love You
Chapt: Drabble
Warning: death
Genre: death, fluff
Pairings: ReitaxRuki
Disclaim: not mines

Tears, mournings, cries, grief, pain, loss, all caused by death...

Why'd you leave me? Why? Why did death take you away?! Reita.... Don't leave me......... Reita, Reita... I miss you. "Mommy.... ~sniff sniff~ I miss daddy." I look down at our baby. I lowered myself to my knees. " I know baby.... Mom- mommy misses daddy too... Mommy misses.... Daddy too..." Our baby looks at me and back to your gravestone. He walked up and touched it, touched your picture and looked at me. "Mommy, it's okay. I read a book with daddy one, and it says, that people who we love that go away for this earth looks and protects us from above. So we shouldn't be sad.... Be- because.. My daddy... My daddy will always be here." He looks at me and I can see tears in his dark eyes that he got from you. He's trying his best to smile as tears make their way down his face.

He wiped them away and run to hug me. He wiped my tears away and whispered, "Mommy, I promise, to daddy. That Akira Suzuki will protect my mommy, and I won't fail my daddy, Reita Suzuki. One day I'll be a good man like my daddy... I smiled and kiss his cheek, "Thank you Akira... I love you so much. Mommy will always e here an so is daddy okay?" I asked pointing to his chest. He smiled and nodded. Reita, I love you so much and I'll love our son for you too. He's just like you. One day, well see each other again and I will not fail to raise our son. I love you honey.

Title: A Club Incident
Chapt: Drabble
Warnings: club, yaoi
Pairings: ReitaxUruha
Disclaim: not mines

I'm swaying my hips and I see you staring. I look back and see your green eyes staring with interest. I away a little more and smile back at you. I see you too, and I like what I see. I sent out a kiss and pointed to you. I see you smiling when your brunette friend laugh and talk with you. You walked closer to me and I smirked at you. You come a bit closer and I step back. You arched your brow and I copied you. You let out a small laugh. I smiled, you take one step, I take one step back. You take two I take three. You grinned and took me off guard.

You ran to me and grabbed my hand and out the club's door we went. You laughed while you dragged me to your car. I laughed with you when we reached your car. A red mustang, classic. "What's your name? " I smile, "Call me Uruha." You laugh, "Well then, call me Reita." I arched my brow and came closer to you. Lips almost touching, "Nice to meet you again... Akira.." I felt you stiffen. "Eh?!" I smirk. "Forgot me? I'm hurt, and back then I was the one who actually ate your veggies for you." I laughed and you stared. "NO WAY!" I smiled and see a smile break into your lips. You ran to hug me. "Baby, I missed you so much! You know how hard it is to only see you over Skype?! And then you just left me?!"

I smiled and gave you a kiss. "We'll I'm not the one going to clubs." You blush, and looked down. "It took my three months to get over you... Because you didn't contact me......... I thought.." I kissed you and stared into your eyes. "Are you over me yet?" You shook you head. "If you didn't come out, I would've used you as a night stand." I laughed, "I didn't because I wanted to come to Tokyo, I was working and got kicked out when mom found our pictures." You frown and I kissed you again. "Would you let me bother you by staying with you until I find a good job?" You smile and picked me up, "No, you are staying with me until we die! " I laughed as you pulled you "evil laugh". I pull you closer, "I love you Aki." You smiled and kissed me " I love you too Kou."

Title: No title Cuz I'm That Lame
Chapt: Drabble
Pairing: AoixKai ReitaxRuki
Disclaim: not mines

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Sexy_mt.Fuji: Love~ you home?

Aoi's_Sexb3ast: =.=' Aoi... Why'd you change my name?

Sexy_mt.Fuji: Kai, I love you.
フヮ❣꒰꒰๑╹͋ ⌣ ╹͋๑꒱꒱ フヮ❣

Aoi's_Sexb3ast: ฅ(≚ᄌ≚)
Yes sweetheart I'm home. I'm gonna be cooking. Can you call the others?

Sexy_mt.Fuji: ..... (,,Ծ‸Ծ,, )
But baby. I want to have sex tonight.

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_|\○_ ヒャッ ε= \_○ノ ホーウ!!!
KAI!!! I love you! Cook for me! Me and Reita'll be over in a bit.

Sexy_mt.Fuji: NOOOOO!!!

Rocker_XxX:.... Me and Reita just finished.

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Uru_IloveDUCKS: Hi! Free food?!
꒰*✪∀✪꒱♬ ♡*:・
I feel the love Kai~ make PASTA!!!!
Why are you guys having sex?!

Rocker_XxX: Because you're the one sex deprived. Heh (((◞( ・ิ౪・ิ)◟

Uru_IloveDUCKS: =͟͟͞͞ ऀืົཽ≀ ͔ ͕̮ ऀืົཽ✧॰
Fuck you Ruki!
Where's Reita?!

Rocker_XxX: He's cleaning up~

Uru_IloveDUCKS: eh?

Rocker_XxX: He's cleaning up and I'm on the bed, online~

Sexy_mt.Fuji: Wow...
Kai?! Where's my Kai!
Aoi's_Sexb3ast: Hmm?

Sexy_mt.Fuji: I'm almost home
꒰⁎ ✪̼ ◡ ✪̼` ⁎꒱

Aoi's_Sexb3ast: ok ꒰ ∩´∇ `∩꒱

Sexy_mt.Fuji: okay, I'm logging off~ see you!

Aoi's_Sexb3ast: okay, bye. See you

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Rocker_XxX:...... So then...

Uru_IloveDUCKS:..... Is there gonna be pasta or no?!
྆ ऀืົཽ⌓ ऀืົཽ॥

Rocker_XxX:...... Just go to their house! Kai's making food!

Uru_IloveDUCKS:... Fine then~ tell Reita that if he wears my duck boxer when you his have sex, I will kill him. ฅ(≚ᄌ≚)

Rocker_XxX:..... Too late... BYE!

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Uru_IloveDUCKS:.... YOU BITCHES!!! MY FUCKIN DUCKS ON THE BOXER HAVE BEEN TAINTED!!! FUCKERS!!!......... Ugh... No ones on to feel my wrath.... FUCK YOU ALL!!!!....... Well then... BYE!!!! ..... Bye...
(,,Ծ‸Ծ,, )

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