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Fanfic: A Simple Thing to Learn, Yet so Hard to Accomplish (2/?)  
1st-Dec-2013 01:03 pm
Title: A Simple Thing To Learn,Yet So Hard to Accomplish
Chapters: 2/??
Author: jrock_truelove
Genre: romance, angst, comedy(failed), Harassment(fail)
Warning: BADLY WRITTEN, NO BETA!!! Oh~ and possibly inappropriate words.
Pairings: uruxrei (main) aoixkai ruxuru(ex) ruxoc
Disclaimer:.... I own gazette!!! Duh!!!...... Their in my room on my wall!! >< ........... In a poster..... ==' hi...... No I don't own them~ sadly!!!! ~((((( T ^ T )))))~
Summary: "Something people claim to be easy, yet so hard. It's nice, yet hurtful: fun but cruel: risky but may be worth it... And that is simply...
Note: the title... I don't know if you can even connect them... But it's referring to love. It's very simple but not easy to do... Basically.. So yeah.. Please enjoy and comments are very welcomed. My first fic ever so please be kind! >< thank you!

"So~ Uruha-chan~" I sighed and rolled my eyes, grabbing my pillow and throwing it at the evil source of the voices. "Oi! I was just saying your name!" I narrowed my eyes at Aoi and his smirk slid across his face. "Uru... Who's he?" I sighed again and laid on my couch. "He's the official stalker.. How do you know?" Kai smiled and patted my head.

"Of course, a little birdie told me." I glared at Aoi and he hid behind Kai. "He was hot though~ he has like a Mohawk style but it's not shave or anything." Ruki nodded and Aoi, being the little arse continued. "He strangely has a noseband, so we have to see if he is deformed or whatever."

Ruki bursted out laughing. "I'm entertained." Kai voiced with a blank face. "Ah!!" We all stared at Kai.. "WHAT?! You scared us!" Ruki yelled back. "URUHA!!! WORK!!" I felt my face pale and ran to my bedroom. "OH MY GOD!!!!!!! My job!!!!" I dressed and made sure not to rip anything, I ran to my bathroom and retouched my make up and hair.

"URUHA!! LUNCH!!!" I ran out and pulled in my socks and shoes. "S'ANKYOU KAI! BAI!" I ran in for the bento then out the door I was. I ran like my life depended on it! Well... It sorta did, because I sorta got fired, on my other job.... It was NOT my FAULT! I was TOUCHED! TOUCHED I tell you!

I ran into the pub and went straight to the lockers. I jammed my stuff in there, locked it and ran to the counter.

"I'm here!" I bowed and looked up. "Hah~ finally, you had half a minute left before Gackt-ass is here." I looked up and grinned, oh my dear dear Tora-San. He grinned back and jumped to sit on top of the counter. "Oi! Get off! I have to clean that tonight!" He grinned at me and poked my forehead. "Well, you owe me a lot for your lates. So shush!"

We heard a "Whoop whoop!" from a customer and she shouted, "Are you gonna be dancing and showing what you got there?" Tora looked at me and smirked. He got off and walked to her.

"No, I'm sorry. We're not a strip club yet." He said with a "disappointed" face and leaned down to whisper in her ear. Knowing him, lord, he's gonna be getting some tonight! I laughed and went behind the counter to look for the towel. I wiped the counter and started preparing the drinks.

"Can I get a Sex On the Driveway please? And a Sex on the Beach." I nodded and did my magic. I have talent in my hands, to mix drinks that is. I handed them the drinks and they paid with a 200 yen tip.

I turned around and checked my stock of liquor. "Hey, can I get an Uruha to go please?" That deep voice, god it kills me. I narrowed my eyes, "Dear dear, sir... We have no such drinks." He laughed, "Yeah? Well, I shoot, I thought I saw some... How sad, that I can't have a taste." I turned around, keeping my distance with the counter and that Thing there.

"If you'd like, I can recommend you to a new pub... Because this pub doesn't sell out their workers." He pouted and leaned on his hands like a child. "Nah~ because they don't have who I want... And what I want is someone special that I can't have. Not yet that is."

He smirked and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have the urge to pour sweet sweet vodka on his face. But then, that'd be a waste of my poor baby. I placed the bottle on the counter. "Funny... A stalker with such confidence, never seen one in real life, only in dramas. I now know why the victims commit suicide."

He laughed and smiled. "Well, if I'm not confident then you're life won't end up like the movies... And which movies have the victims committed suicide? So far I've seen them fall in love." I glared at him, "The ones I watch are the ones stalkers can't see. And not all cases do they "fall in love" stalker!"

"Well, you might be a special case with love and me in it. We can write our own story." He offered me with a smile. I was going to snap back but then my manager walked by. In this pub, you learn how to fake smiles in an instant.

"Well, sir, that's a nice story you've got. Now may I take your order before you RUSH TO THE DANCE FLOOR?" I peeked at my manager and he gave me a thumbs up. "Nice smile! Gambare yo!" He mouthed. Reita arched his eyebrow, "You know, I'm right. And one day when I stop loving you and stop following you around. You'll miss me more than you think."

I scoffed, "Please, I don't even know you. And I don't plan to." He smirked, "Right, says the man, who asked to be friends with me in the music store." Saved by a customer I stomped away. "Yes, may I take your order?" "Oh la la~ and what is your name? I have a good salary.. So you wanna meet me tonight in the parking lot? I'll wait for your shift to end."

For sure, he's drunk. He stinks like alcohol but he's pretty good with speech. "Excuse me sir, but I don't do that. I am a bartender nothing else." He pulled my wrist, "Young lady, I'll give you all the money you need. Let me have you tonight and you'll-" "Sir, that person is MY MAN. Would you please KEEP YOUR HAND AWAY FROM HIM?" The elder's face was full of disgust and walked away. I turned and saw Reita next to him. He grabbed my hand and stared at me. "You seriously have no idea."

I stared at him... Eh? Did he just help me get an escape from a pervy geezer? Oh..... "Did you just save me? From another perv?" He smirked, "What do you mean, "another perv?" Who's the first one?" He wriggled his brows and I had to admit, that face was funny. I tried but failed to not smile and he chuckled.

"I made you smile! Woohoo!!! Another step in making you mine!" I rolled my eyes and Tora flew in. "Eyo!!!! Lover boy and stalker noseband! How've you been?" Reita smiled and apparently, they are besties now because they are doing their own handshake stuff.

I rolled my eyes and sigh, wiping the glass cups. "Tora... You're supposed to be on my team of friends, helping me from that stalker." I frowned. Tora giggled and Reita leaned in. "Hey, I'm part of your friends, I helped you with a perv." I slapped my forehead and Tora's eyes grew wide.

"THERE WAS ANOTHER PERV?!" Reita nodded and Tora hugged him. "Thank god you saved him! Give me a kiss!" I laughed and Reita with all desperateness in the world tried to get away. "LET ME GO!!! URUHA!!! CALL FOR RENFORCMENT!!!! COME HELP ME!!!"

I laughed even harder, tears were blurring my eyes. We are so lucky the manager and everyone else didn't hear us, thank you horrible music. Then as try were busy I walked to the back to stock up the Bacardi and vodka and some Tequila. Somehow the storage room was pitch black.

I hummed my tune again and walked towards. Fulfilling my duties and taking care of my babies(alcohol). I smiled and got up to return when I heard a snap. I paused, "Who's there?" no answer.. I backed up two steps. Shit, walls behind me. I focused and made out two bodies. I'm screwed, panic started dwelling in my tummy and my hands got sweaty. "Shut up and you won't be hurt little fairy." the one on the right said. "Yeah, we only want a little part of you." said the other one.

I was scared and disgusted. I know what they want and it's something I don't want. they came closer and I threw the bottles at them. they grabbed me and I fought with all I had. Which is hard considering my hands were scratched up by the broken pieces of glass that I threw at them. One got on top o me and touched my thighs. I screamed and the other choked me. Tears were streaming and I hated myself for being weak. My head was spinning and my hands were tied down. But just then I heard his voice. "URU!" then groans and my throat was free.

Tora grabbed me and I heard more painful groans. "Hey, ok. Take deep breaths with me. okay? One, Two, Three. you're gonna be okay. Hey, Open your eyes, Uruha look at me." Only then did I realize my eyes were shut tight. I inhaled and exhaled and gripped Tora's hand. then I slowly opened my eyes. the first thing I saw was Reita. He was on top of one and his fists were flying. I turned a bit and saw the other one with the broke glass behind Reita. "REITA BEHIND!" I screamed before anything.

Suddenly the one behind Reita paused and the lights went on. Reita looked back as ran to me. "Uruha, are you ok? Darling, You ok?" he was freaking out. I nodded and held his hand. I looked t the one standing and he grunted in pain. Gackt revealed himself and snapped the offenders arm. "YOU DARE TOUCH MY EMPLOYEES YOU WILL DIE!!!" Tora tossed me to Reita and he cuddle me as Tora tried to pull Gackt away.

The cops showed up a couple minutes later and I was still in Reita's hands. He pulled me close to his chest and the offenders were said to be the murders of two girls in the town. Gackt closed the pub and sent everyone home. I tried to push Reita away and get up but as soon as I was on my feet he swept me up and carried my to the locker room. "HEY! LET ME GO!" he sat me on the bench an stared into my eyes. I gulped as he got closer. "You know how worried I was? When you didn't return within two minutes? You never take more than two minutes to get drinks. Thank The Lord that we came before they.." he hugged me and I felt warm. I felt weird... the man who stalked me for five months... the man who saved me from those two men... he made me feel weird..

Tora came in and coughed as Reita pulled away. I felt heat rise up and I turned around. "Sorry, but Gackt wants to close right now as wants to see Uruha." I nodded and changed quickly feeling his gaze burn through my tshirt and shorts. I ran out and met Gackt. He hugged me too and asked me the same thing. I have hi a brief answer and was told to head home. I nodded and started walking. I walked a couple steps and stopped to think. "Why did I feel weird... When he hugged me?... But I didn't feel it when Gackt hugged me..?" I shook my head and starting walking...

I stepped on a stick and scared myself when it snapped. Then I started getting scared... I feel scared.... I laughed at myself, yup you are a weakling. I grippe my bag and walked a bit faster before a hand tapped my shoulder. I jumped and screamed trying to run but I ended up in an embrace. My breath was running short and my knees felt shaky. I don't know why.

"Shh... You think you're okay by you're not... Your body is scared... Although your mind is traumatized.." That voice and this scent.. "Let me take you home, okay? I'm sure that your friends are there waiting for you." I nodded. He picked me up and I felt weird. "Can, can I at least not be in this position?" He laughed and I felt heat rising again. "Scared yet you are still fierce ne? " I blushed and slapped his chest. "Shut up. I not a girl!" He laughed and let me stand before getting in front of me in a squat position. He signaled for me to climb on.

I snorted, "I'm not letting you carry me. I can walk just fine-" he sighed, "You don't get on, I'll carry you like a bride again." I frowned and he wave His hands again. I slowly climbed on and he made sure he and I were comfortable before he got up. "You're gonna have to tell me where to go." I smiled, "If that's the case, then you must be a bad stalker." He chuckled and nodded. "I do stalk you, let me confess that but I let you have personal space. So shouldn't I be praised for being a nice stalker? " I laughed a bit, "But you're too conceded. " he shook his head, "No, just confident." I slapped his arm and he laughed. It was a bit comforting. His back was warm and made me feel cozy. Since he helped me today... I'll be nice to him... For now...

I have him the directions and we continued in a ok silence. "Hey!" His head shot up, "yes?" I glared at his back, "How'd you know that my friends are home waiting for me? " he laughed and shrugged. I leaned forward, putting my head next to his. "I mean it!!" "Well, I know Aoi and that's all." I narrowed my eyes. "How?" He laughed, "We'll I was busy stalking you when I saw him staring at you and me. So I decided to confront him." I grinned, "How'd it go?" He shook his head and I could hear his smile. "Well, it ended up with him threatening to take my brains out with an ice cream scooper and my naked body in my mothers house if I ever broke your heart." He and I laughed, "Ah~ typical Aoi and his lamest threats." He nodded, " Yeah, we sorta became texting buddies but he refused to side with me to help get your heart." I smacked his head and he laughed. "You laugh a lot." He hummed, "Because with you I'm happy." I felt really hot then. My cheeks were on fire. I snorted and his my face in his shoulder.

He walked up the stairs and I'm surprised, his breathes was still regular. He knocked on the door and. I heard something crash. Kai probably got mad. He chuckled, "I'm surprised you guys haven't been kicked out yet." I nodded, then the door opens and silence exploded. Kai in his apron and Ruki with his hair everywhere and Aoi half naked. Reita laughed and set me on my feet. "I'm Akira Suzuki, just call me Reita. Nice to meet you. Hello Aoi-San." He offered a hand shake, Kai took it, "I'm Yutaka Uke, Kai not San please. Nice to meet you." He smiled an Ruki stared at Reita. "Hmmm... You are the stalker right? " Reita laughed, "You told?" I shrugged feeling worn out. He frowned and held my waist. "Yes," everyone raised their brow at our position but I was too bummed to so anything. I felt tired, "Takanori Matsumoto, Ruki." He nodded and Aoi finally invited us in. He walked wih me to the couch and had me lay down on his lap. He massaged my head and scalp and all I remember is his hands and murmurs before I slept.

A/N;... I sorry. This may not be the best but if you'd like please continue reading I promise to make three better! >< I'm sorta stuck so. >.> I'm so sorry! ~bows deeply and cries~ it's so blargh but that's how I'm feeling right now. It has no feeling and I'm so sorry. But I just pushed myself through this. So I hope you'll still read the third chapter.
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